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Market Cap

$364.1 B

Total Volume

$49.7 B

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Bitcoin Price Chart

Bitcoin price performance over 90 days

ROI Over Time

Bitcoin ROI over 90 days

Price Heatmap

Bitcoin price heatmap over 90 days

Key Bitcoin Stats

Important statistics about Bitcoin

Block 755,948
10,552 TXs
~900 BTC/day
84,053 Blocks
Block 755,999
240.89 Barrels/Oil*
1,397,162,000 BTUs*
 Big Mac Burgers
 Top Ramen soups

All-Time High (ATH)


% Change from ATH


Circulating Supply

19,162,175 BTC

Maximum Supply

20,999,999.97 BTC

% Already Mined


# Left to Mine

1,837,825 BTC

What is Bitcoin?

A peer-to-peer electronic cash system

Bitcoin is the first distributed consensus-based, censorship-resistant, permissionless, peer-to-peer payment settlement network with a provably scarce, programmable, native currency. Bitcoin (BTC), the native asset of the Bitcoin timechain, is the world's first digital currency without a central bank or administrator. The Bitcoin network is an emergent decentralized monetary institution that exists through the interplay between full nodes, miners, and developers. It is set by a social contract that is created and opted into by the users of the network and hardened through game theory and cryptography. Bitcoin is the first, oldest, and largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Satoshi Nakamoto Said...

Random quote from the creator(s) of Bitcoin

"The difficulty adjustment is trying to keep it so the network as a whole generates an average of 6 blocks per hour."

What is a Sat Worth?

How many dollars can a sat buy?


What is a Dollar Worth?

How much bitcoin can a dollar buy?


Bitcoin Breakdown

Dividing Bitcoin's total supply by group

 per Company
 per Company
 per Person
 per Person
 per Person
 per Person
 per Country
 per Continent
 per Planet

× Are You New to Bitcoin?  Some of the datapoints below may seem a tad bit confusing if you are just getting started with BTC. Here's some recommended reading: Lopp.net >>.


Bitcoin Network

Information about the Bitcoin network

77.610% (CoinGecko)
22.390% (CoinGecko)
9,440 Alexa Score

Network Security

Protecting the Bitcoin timechain

211.9 EH/s
Avoid This Metric
14,797 Nodes Found**

Market Data

Bitcoin exchange price data

$18,964.50 BTC~USD
$18,976.97 BTC~USD
$18,965.58 BTC~USD
$18,955.00 BTC~USD
240.89 bbl/BTC*
1,397,162,000 BTUs*
$19,894.40 BTC~USD
$-833,551,582 USD

Change Percentages

Bitcoin price changes over time by percent


Mining Info

Informative Datapoints: Bitcoin mining

3 January 2009
10,552 TXs
211.9 EH/s
10.00 Minutes
10.22 Minutes

Bitcoin Supply

Distribution schedule and other details

~1 million bitcoins
13 December 2021
~3 December 2025
~20 February 2035
~28 January 2048
~2 May 2105
Between 2138 - 2140

Bitcoin Halving

Details about Bitcoin halvings

~37.5 BTC/hour
~900 BTC/day
84,053 Blocks
50,431,800 Seconds
10 May 2024 T04:00:00Z
6.25 BTC per Block
3.125 BTC per Block

Future Bitcoin Halvings

Track upcoming Bitcoin halving events

3.125 BTC
1.5625 BTC
0.78125 BTC
0.390625 BTC
0.195313 BTC
0.097656 BTC
0.048828 BTC
0.024414 BTC
0.012207 BTC

Difficulty Adjustment

Stats: Bitcoin mining difficulty

Block 755,999
51 Blocks
28/Sep/2022 02:28:23
Every 2016 Blocks
About 2 weeks

API Providers

Bitcoin prices powered by the industry's top APIs

$18,976.97 BTC~USD
$18,965.58 BTC~USD
$19,104.61 BTC~USD
$18,949.66 BTC~USD
$19,028.89 BTC~USD
$18,982.93 BTC~USD
$18,964.50 BTC~USD
$18,999.50 BTC~USD

1 BTC Can Buy...

What can you buy with 1 Bitcoin?

0.05 Lambos
0.06 Houses
0.88 Cars
0.33 Cards
11.66 oz.
22.33 oz.
240.89 barrels
1,033.62 oz.

Ownership Economics

Dividing Bitcoin's total supply by world population

100,000,000 Sats
2.09 Quadrillion Sats
7.97 Billion Humans
2.63375293 BTC
0.26337529 BTC
0.02633753 BTC
0.00263375 BTC
$50.12 USD



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Bitcoin Fixes This

Problems solved by Bitcoin via BitcoinFixesThis.com

Bitcoin fixes Gold
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How to store your bitcoin safely

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Bitcoin Visualizations

Visual representations of Bitcoin data

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